Automation and
Cloud Solutions


Automation and cloud computing are two fundamental aspects of online business. They are seen as tools that can significantly increase your productivity while cutting costs at the same time.

Here at Clodebase, we can help you find automation and cloud solutions that perfectly fit your business model. Our dedicated team of developers and engineers is ready to work with you to achieve your goals by completely modernizing your business management.

How Automation
Helps You Save Time and Money


Automation is a computing process that requires minimum human effort to work. Automated control systems can be used across various industries and applied to everything from household items to extensive industrial facilities. Automation also varies in the complexity of its controls, as it can be programmed with straightforward on/off inputs or highly complex algorithms.

The whole point of automation is to do more with less. Automation processes can ultimately replace half your office, meaning you will spend much less money on your workforce in the long run. Also, automation will result in fewer mistakes and better decisions. This will ultimately lower operational costs and allow you to run your business at a much higher efficiency rate.

Why We Claim to Be the
Best Automation Servicing Company in the US

We know the ins and outs of automation and understand how it can be appropriately implemented into various business models. No matter what your business is about, our automation engineers can help you run it more efficiently.

We have been closely following the development of digital automation since the very beginning. Our experience in the field and the effort to keep learning new skills put us above our competition. Together, we can find the best automation solutions and reach higher levels of success

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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services allow you to have a lean operational staff and reduce your IT infrastructure overheads. Some of the main benefits of cloud computing services include backup and restoration of data, almost unlimited storage space, deploying your service in a shorter time, automatic software integration, global collaboration, and more

However, the most significant benefit of cloud computing has to do with cost savings. Instead of having to invest in physical hardware and people to maintain it, everything will be done by the service providers. Therefore, having a cloud-based business model will give you a massive edge over your competition.

Difference Between Public and Private Clouds

A cloud service that is not shared with any other company is called a private cloud. On the other hand, a public cloud is a cloud service shared between multiple companies simultaneously. However, each user’s activities on the public cloud remain concealed from others.

Private clouds are ultimately a better solution because they eliminate security concerns and the risk of vendor lock-ins. However, they also cost more and require more server management.


How We Help You Build Cloud Solutions

We can help you learn how your company can benefit from cloud technology. Depending on your company’s size, goals, and the industry it serves, we will suggest a cloud deployment model that’s ideal for your business.

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